• Is Completing Your Tax Return Giving You a Headache?

Are you currently completing your tax return?

Let me guess, you’ve put it off several times already today. You’ve managed to find a number of things far more important. Putting out the rubbish, tidying the garage, rearranging the ornaments on your shelves.

The deadline is fast approaching, but rest assured you are not alone. Many people do exactly the same as you, they leave their tax return until the last possible minute.

Why? Well, we all lead busy lives and things really are more important than completing and submitting our tax return and the January 31st deadline always seems ages away doesn’t it? Until it arrived of course.

January is stressful and dull enough without the added stress of getting your tax return done on time.

Why not get someone to do it for you? No? Why? Too expensive? Maybe you think your accounts are too small to trouble an accountants with?

Not at all.

Shan Sohal Accountants, based in Surbiton, Surrey, specialise in providing the right accountancy services for businesses and indivuduals of all sizes and requirements.

Let Shan Sohal Accountants take the headache away from completing your tax return and enjoy January!

For more information, please contact us or call 0208 399 9962 for more information and a free consultation.

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Shan Sohal are an experienced firm of accountants based in Surbiton, Surrey. We can provide your business with a complete range of accounting, administrative and taxation services. We can cater for sole traders, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) new start-ups and fully established partnership and limited companies.